Data Center Remote Hands Services
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We offer a highly efficient alternative to data
center Remote Hands Services (RHS)

Our company is an extension to customer’s operation teams of companies who search for fast, reliable and professional On-site support.

What do we do?

The services we provide are smart/remote hands for various equipment of world leading companies and businesses. Also, installation of equipment and configuration, logistics, fiber optic and CAT6a cabling among others. Besides these services we can help you with material supply, project management, migrations expertise, troubleshooting, arranging, advising, helping out, negotiations, recruitment of temporary or long term employees...etc.

Problem Solvers

As an international telecommunication team of problem solvers and trouble-shooters we strive to provide reliable and quality service throughout Europe: from Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Belgrade, Zagreb to Rio de Janeiro – but mainly in these cities and regions. In the Netherlands we are based in Amsterdam and Rotterdam but we cover the whole country and all major data centers like Telehouse, Equinix, Interxion and Telecity. Our people are experienced, bilingual and willing to go the extra mile. That makes us also a customer-friendly team of problem solvers with many years of experience. Some of us have more than 20 years of experience within telecom and data traffic.

Network equipment

Our standard installation includes CISCO, JUNIPER, DELL, CIENA, HUAWEI DWDM transmission equipment etc., and we provide a 24/7 cover for various big or small businesses. We also have 24/7 support NOC for all urgent replacements, configurations, troubleshooting and other needed assistance.

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